George Cajas

Entrepreneur, Educator, Mentor,

and Technology Instructor

About Me

Supporting, Guiding, Educating, and Empowering Philosophy

My lifelong passion is to prepare individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to participate effectively in the world of today and tomorrow. Knowledge and education are the foundation for a civilized, prosperous society. There should be no barriers to education, and educational opportunities should be made available to all who wish to learn, regardless of their current situation or past experiences.

As an instructor, I instill a sense of individual purpose, self-value, and courage in each student, motivating them to reach beyond what they can currently see. I use active learning techniques to encourage student participation to draw individuals into class discussions and group projects. I aim to inspire my students with a desire to learn more.

Learning through a shared and interactive learning experience. My participants will not only learn during my classes but enjoy themselves and have the opportunity to share related experiences as well. Engaged audiences lead to information retention and lasting results. 

I embrace a learning environment that will prepare students for the path ahead. While gaining practical, real-world knowledge and computer skills, students develop critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, and information and resource management skills. Through learning and hands-on exercises, students discover their values, increase their commitment, and challenge themselves to grow and learn. 

My classes include multimedia digital content, traditional learning styles, hands-on experiences, and a personalized message for every class. A one-on-one follow-up approach. I will personally offer advice and assistance at each class and completions to every participant who requests this follow-up.

It is important to accept feedback, whether it be negative or positive. Students provide new ideas and suggest improvements. I often see from their expressions that they experience pride when contributing their thoughts and feedback.

I adapt and remain flexible in teaching and explaining these concepts throughout my classes. When I teach the same course, no two classes have the same lecture notes, assignments, or classroom discussions. Each class is a new experience and a unique opportunity to learn and grow.

It remains my lifelong goal to support continually, guide, educate, and empower my students through personal knowledge, education, and training!